History and heritage

Wine and food tourism experts talk growth

Trends in tourism – visitors seeking experiences – and ways to market South Africa's excellent wine and food tourism industries were unpacked at the first annual Business of Wine and Food Tourism Conference.

the business of wine and food tourism conference the business of wine and food tourism conference

Khoi San centre will keep heritage alive

After completing their award-winning documentary, the Lost Tongue production company, Mvura Ya Afrika Productions, want to return to the San community and build a community centre to help save the rich culture of the San.

Why does South Africa celebrate Heritage Day?

Heritage Day celebrates the diversity of South Africa. It is one of the newer public holidays, declared after the republic became a democratic state in 1994. We look at the origins of the day, and recall the first celebration in 1996.

South Africa's tallest structures and buildings

South Africa has 54 skyscrapers and more than 20 high-rise structures that measure over 100 metres – and most of them are to be found in the City of Gold. Here is a list of the 10 highest buildings and other notable structures in the country.

Afrikaans language symposium discusses language and heritage

The recent Afrikaans Language Heritage Symposium addressed the conservation and up-liftment of one of South Africa's 11 official languages. The burning question for attendees was: are we leaving behind a living language?

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