Sustainable development

Five alternative energy initiatives in Africa

Finding and implementing workable alternative energy solutions is an important part of sustainable development in Africa. Read about five companies that are making renewable energy inroads on the continent.

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Transport Month celebrates the 'heartbeat' of South Africa's economy

October in South Africa is Transport Month. Speaking at the launch, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters highlighted the progress the country has made on its road, rail, aviation and maritime infrastructure.

Collaborative efforts at CITES CoP17 in South Africa

Johannesburg is hosting the largest World Wildlife Conference yet. The 17th Conference of the Parties (CoP17) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) ends on 5 October.

WWF South Africa honours river expert

An international river flow expert, Dr Jackie King, has been awarded the Living Planet Award from the World Wildlife Fund South Africa for her vital contribution to sustainability in Africa and around the world. Rivers were the lifeblood of Earth, she said.

Africa's first biofuel flights take off in South Africa

In a first for Africa, flights fuelled with a biofuel made from a tobacco plant grown in Limpopo travelled successfully between Johannesburg and Cape Town earlier this month. It is believed biofuels could greatly reduce the aviation industry's carbon footprint.

South Africa harnesses power of the wind

Wind energy is lighting up homes around South Africa, and it is cheap, sustainable and good for the environment. The South African Wind Energy Association says that in 2011, there were just 10 turbines in the country; today there are 13 large wind farms in operation, with more than 495 turbines.

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